Intumescent fire-retardant fire coating System


Protective Layering Comes Complimentary With Us

When we say, we use user-friendly painting products at Success Painting and Deco Services, we definitely mean it. While we paint your walls, what we ensure is your complete safety. Our intumescent coats offer a protective char layer to make sure the spread of flames in case of fire could be controlled.

Our Intumescent Coating

Misfortune doesn’t occur with prior notification. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for anything as such beforehand. We understand the importance of remaining prepared for a fire hazard. Therefore, we don’t wait for our clients to ask us to make their walls fire-retardant. We, rather, include this protective fire-proof coating under our commercial and house painting services. The range of this type of coating is huge, which include intumescent fire-resistant coating for steel, plaster, bricks, etc.

The Benefits of Intumescent Coating

  • It offers an extremely elegant appeal with aesthetically driven feel. In short, you get a shining paint for your premise.
  • It is the type of paint that expands as soon as it gets exposed to high temperature. It is inert at low temperature but acts as an insulator when undergoes extreme chemical reactions.
  • This type of painting can be used for a wide range of materials, including softwoods, hardwoods, chipboard, metal, concrete, etc.
  • This coating offers an increased life span to steel.
  • Using this type of coating helps in strengthening the buildings it is used in.

If you want your premise to be fire-proof, connect with our domestic and industrial painting contractors. They are just a call away.